WV Military Vehicle Veterans Support Group

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Schedule of Activities


May 23, 2015.....Weston, Memorial Day Parade and Military Museum open house.  The Vietnam War Memorial Traveling Wall will be on display.  9:30 am.  Contact Larry Moody   304-269-7947

July 18 & 19th....Project to build a jeep for a Korean War Combat Veteran.  Boyd Hiser has all the parts necessary to build his own WW2 Jeep.  Our club is planning to get together and build a Jeep over a weekend for Boyd.  Many of the major parts have already been rebuilt and painted ready for instalation.  Project Leaders...Bill Miller 304-573-4902 and Johnny Morris 304-222-9659

August 8-9th, 2015.....Beckley,  Stevens Lake Picnic and Ride Arround (part of the annual Bill Bean Convoy).  This beautiful 900 acre lake will be the site of our first ever picnic/vehicle display.  in addtion vehicle owners will be able to take a ride down woodand roads arround the lake.  The Army will have  set-up and other veterans groups will have pavilions nearby.  Camping and Cabin rentals are avialable at 304) 934-5322.  Starts at 10:00 am contact Bill Miller 304-573-4902, or Johnny Morris 304-222-9659 for details.

Details on Cabin rentals and Camp sites call Lake Stevens at 304-934-5323 or on the web at www.lakestephenswv.com/  Space is limited so get the while their avaialble.

October 3, 2015.....Point Pleasant Convoy,  A beautiful ride arround the country side that will include a ride through the McClintic Wildlife Managment Area and Mothman Museum.  Ther will also be a parade in which anyone who wants to participate can by meeting at the boat launch at 9:30 am.  Contact Bill Bragg 304-304-675-1777 for details.

Veterans Day 2015.....Thourghout WV our members will be working with Veterans Groups to help them with their celeberations.  This is one of the purposes our group was founded and we have alot a fun helping the vets.  More information as we get closer as to how you to can help.






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